How it works

How It Works

What can you expect when you arrive for your massage therapy treatment at The Vos Fix? You will quickly find that you are at the center of your therapist’s attention during the entire process. Each session starts with a short interview.

Our first goal at The VOS Fix is to fully understand what you want and need, after which our therapists will provide you with a detailed treatment proposal for a comprehensive massage customized to your needs.

Our second goal is to help you completely understand our findings and how we plan to help you.  Don’t worry, we explain everything that you can expect to happen during the massage in layman’s terms. Basically, your therapist will explain how they plan to tackle the problem and if you consent to and agree to the treatment plan, your massage therapist will then proceed with the massage treatment.

Our third and final goal is to fix and replace your aches and pains with relief and relaxation during your massage session and send you on your way feeling completely rejuvenated.

At The VOS Fix Massage, it is our priority make sure you receive the highest quality work and that you are completely satisfied with your entire experience!