What can you expect with a Johnny Vos massage?

You are at the center of his attention from the time you enter his care until the time you leave. Each session starts with a short interview. He listens and makes sure he fully understands what you need.
Before treating he explains in layman’s terms what is happening in your body.
He explains in detail how he plans to tackle the problem and asks for your permission to proceed with the treatment.

He goes beyond the surface issues to find the core causes of pain and discomfort you’ve been experiencing, working with you for resolution instead of a “band-aid solution”.

However, he recognizes that you are more than a back pain or a headache and integrates your treatment into a full body relaxation experience. Johnny’s massage techniques are advanced and exclusive. He utilizes methods unlike any other practitioner, including kneading, rocking, vibration, still-point/cranial cervical release, so that the massage is beyond just any deep tissue massage.

At the end of your massage you will be left feeling completely relaxed and maybe even euphoric. Johnny Vos will make sure that you are delighted with your experience and always guarantees his work!

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